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My handle is man7s( = man seven). I watched the early Ultra series of Japan, Tsuburaya production on TV in my childhood, and I had a dream that if my lovely girls in my classroom would transform Ultraman and Ultraseven and they become in troubles in their fights against aliens and monsters. In this site, I produce my CGs and novels of Girls Ultraman and Girl Ultraseven.

In my CGs, my girls put on bloomers that was a regular uniform of physical education for girls In Japanese schools. I also like woman gymnastics and other sexy uniforms of sports women. I express fetish taste of rubber, leather, and other clothes that tighten women's body.

In my CGs and novels

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RJ047456 Teacher Naoko, Golden Spy

Essays on Gigantic Ultra Heroines

My huge heroine defeat

Free Gallery

My girl Ultraman and Ultraseven


「nou@」+「」, but I am in poor English.

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